Transformational Coaching

1 on 1 coaching that will help keep you honest with yourself.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to unbundle the conversation in your head.

With deep questioning and exploration of your reality, we can create a narrative that sets aside “noise” and sets you up for success. We will walk you through the process of learning the lifetime skill of self-reflection and help you build a growth mindset.

Cheryl is a ICF certified Transformational Coach

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Team Coaching

If you would like to explore where you teams might benefit from some development we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Team Coaching is a focused defined process of training a group of interdependent people in a collaborative and problem solving procedures. It is practice of bringing the whole team together and moving together through the process of learning. It allows the team to function at more than the sum of the individual parts by clarifying the Mission, improving internal and external relationships.


We have you covered.

Growth Focus

We focus on what is positive and possible


Discover the benefit of bringing all of yourself to all that you do.


Expand your mind and uncover your Innovative self

Feedback from Clients

“Cheryl has been a huge asset to us and we have learned so much from her in the past year. She has given us the tools and confidence to make the most out of our business and seek out new opportunities that we may not have thought of otherwise. She has a wealth of knowledge in sales and business and is a wonderful person to deal with, we count her as a friend as well as a mentor.” Evelyn and Carolyn Ebrey FashioNZ

A great place to have a growth conversation, is exactly what you get when you meet Cheryl Gush. She is an intelligent motivated woman, who really took time to guide and mentor me through some situations I found near impossible. With her honest and loyal approach, she has given me different ways of looking at things, accepting them and dealing with them to be able to cope in these situations, and ,have the best possible outcome. Cheryl guidance helped my Nutrition business to grow and developed how I mentor my own clients. Every conversation is amazing, her intelligence and knowledge has guided me through many life events and has kept me positive and on track. Whether you want a coach, a mentor, or to grow your business, or enhance your staff’s development I would highly recommend either a team session or a one on one session with Cheryl. Cheryl helps you think outside the square and her advice and skill set are second to none. I can honestly say, she is honest, cares and can help hugely in both personal and professional development to reach the full potential of yourself, your staff and your business.”Donelle Bradshaw:- Small Business owner, Sales Generator, Athlete, Mom

Cheryl mentored me through my penultimate year at university as I was trying to find my future path. Cheryl is honest and thoughtful. By discussing both of our trials and successes, I developed the tools to answer my own questions. Cheryl’s coaching helped me figure out which values I was unwilling to compromise on, and how to build my professional self around them. It is also refreshing that Cheryl emphasises the importance of art and creativity in personal and professional life. As an Art History and Business major, I loved being able to bridge two disciplines which I once thought were very separate. Niki Menzies Auckland University Graduate History and Business Majors

Cheryl is a great coach with valuable insight. She enables you to think differently and caters to your individual needs. I have found working with Cheryl very beneficial, as she guided me in my own growth and development.” Neha Menzies Associate Consultant Intergen

Cheryl takes a holistic approach to business. She has an exceptional knowledge of people, a warm and kind demeanour and a vast range of tools and processes to help set you up for success! Frances business owner, singer. songwriter, vocal coach

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