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The Artful Leadership Workshops  are custom designed to facilitate conversations that might have need an elevated view, or a different perspective to help get traction.

These can include conversations like Empathy, Inclusion, Perspective, Sustainability and many more. 


Artful Leadership

3 hands drawing.jpg
3 hands drawing.jpg

Leading with Empathy. Leading for Inclusion

A creative workshop using art as tool for the observation and understanding of others.

Through this workshop your should find a heightened sense of awareness of both self and others. With the aid of knowing art as a framework, you will connect your developing self awareness to informed Emotional Intelligence (EQ) . Through this reciprocal relationship, you will find a new level to your EQ quotient so that you might lead with empathy and build more inclusive work places. This Workshop has been designed to cater for teams or individuals. A level of experience in and with art is not prerequisite as this workshop includes discussions on how to look at art, how meaningful art is constructed and discussions on how curators have intended you to see it.

In addition

This workshop does have flexible components and the concept of art as a place for developing and cementing leadership skills in the workplace is one that easily blankets subject matter like

  • Dealing with Change and Grief in the workplace

  • Developing Emotional Expression in Leadership

  • Building Optimism

  • Building Creative Habits to lead teams with Innovative thinking

  • Developing Leadership team Perspective and Perception

  • Creating a more sustainable way of thinking and being in your orgainsation

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Artful Leadership

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