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Difficult feedback

Need to have a difficult conversation?

No, its not easy, but here is a easy way to formulate the conversation in your own way. 

Setting goals

Goal setting 

Goal setting will take your dreams from zero to hero! Here is a easy download to get you started.

Mindset matters

Mindset Matters

Mindset Matters

Here is a simple poster that you can use to highlight the mindsets that will enable growth

Assertive language

Tips on Asserting your voice

Are you worried you might be coming across aggressively instead of assertively?  Here are some tips to make sure your intentions match how you are received.

cycle of planning for all things

Planning in its simplest form

We often get bogged down by complicating  the start to planning.  You can simplify you thinking by following this easy template. Its not to different to goal setting. Go for it! You will be better off.

Price development

Thinking about selling something?

Everyone is selling something! There are 5 P's to remember when selling and this template will help you think about them all

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