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I'm only at the beginning

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

This is just the beginning of this journey. I thought I would write a blog about this because I think it would be nice to have some people join me on this new adventure. I am currently doing a course on advanced research methodologies as a precursor to a Ph.D. My plan is to expand my brain a little more from the learning I found through my Masters in Advanced Leadership Practice. To be honest, my brain is already itching and I am only working on the first assignment for this course!

So I did what any other person( almost no one I suspect) would do, and I distracted my left brain and engaged the right side by painting a picture. It didn't take me too long, and it didn't leave me feeling very satisfied, but it certainly put how I was feeling to the center of my thinking. When you are in a place, where you are feeling over whelmed, or drifting, or worse, drowning, turn you face to the light, relax and exhale. You will surface again.

On the upside, I have identified my research world view, and this leaves me feeling like things can only get better.


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I'm Cheryl

I am embarking on a journey to explore how art can inform better leadership learning and perhaps even help us shift the dial on things that can really make a difference in business

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